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5 recommendations to increase your connection with LGBTQ+ clients

In Diverse Weddings we create memorable and lovely moments for LGBTQ+ couples by planning and executing the wedding of their dreams. In order to accomplish this, we must get along with our mission of educating our stakeholders to create a more inclusive and respectful society.

We are proud ambassadors of Equally Wed Pro and work with LGBTQ+ friendly vendors only, so we can assure the privacy and respect our clients deserve. That is why we recommend the following 5 key topics to our vendors, so we can all contribute to build a more inclusive Costa Rican society.

Production Diverse Weddings | Photography Tiquicia Shot | Boutonnieres and flowers GoCo by José Julián Gómez | Makeup Yency Chaves | Location Hacienda Montemar | Couple Audrey and Rosa

Empathy above all

Did you know that same-sex weddings have been legal in some countries around the world since the 21st Century? And still in some parts around the world there are explicit laws that forbid LGBTQ+ to be together?

So, imagine what celebrating love means to LGBTQ+ couples. It’s not only a promise to each other, is a historic moment, where rights and family protection are guaranteed. So be proud of being part of this event and create the environment to bring joy, respect and ensuring the couple´s perfect destination wedding in Costa Rica.

Authenticity is valued

Show the “real love”… this goes for the real couple on the photographs and other communication initiatives your business might have. Show respect for the community, be creative and ensure that your business accepts ALL and is not into same-sex weddings for a trend.

Never assume

We have seen lots of misspelled abbreviations on marketing content (like “LGTB” instead of “LGBTQ+”), so never assume you are ok to offer your services to anyone. Be aware that modifications must be made in forms, your language and how you address to a couple is also different (there is not a bride and groom, so how to address the couple?)

Be coherent with your actions

Costa Rica is still changing its mindset towards same-sex weddings, so you must know that if you wish to engage with LGBTQ+ clients, you must be coherent with the message your business gives and how you behave personally.

Education is the key

Finally, educate yourself and everyone else that is part of the business you represent. We obtained through Equally Wed Pro a series of insights and helpful tools that have made us more aware of what we must communicate and how to address properly to the LGBTQ+ community looking for destination weddings in Costa Rica.

During this times, we recommend to stay upfront, reinvent, study and communicate what your company is doing for offering better products, services and to build a more inclusive society.

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