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5 things you need to know for your LGBTQ+ wedding in Costa Rica!

As many of you know, on May 26, 2020, same sex marriages will become legal in Costa Rica and this will open the doors to beautiful LGBTQ+ weddings in our tropical paradise!

At Diverse Weddings Costa Rica, we are happy to be your connection with sites, vendors, or anything else gay couples may need. Planning a gay destination wedding is not an easy task, but having a trusting source of information working on your behalf, will make your life easy and your wedding a great success!

We have a discount campaign with partnered vendors (videographers, photographers, DJ, venue, gift bags, decoration, etc.), where you can get more than $2,000 dollars in savings for your same sex wedding after Covid-19! And the best part of all, they can be used until November 2021 and most of them, don´t need deposit!!!

We are specialized in LGBTQ+ weddings

Our company caters for LGBTQ+ couples and we have taken the time to listen to what the community wants! Our recommendations will always point to the trendiest and friendliest services and places available in the market for same sex destination weddings.

We make sure the whole team is supportive and treats the couple and their guests with respect and empathy, after all they come to celebrate one of the happiest moments of their lives!

We have a lawyer in our team

Get firsthand information regarding legal requirements and procedures for your LGBTQ+ wedding, our expert will guide you through it, and you will obtain your marriage certificate without any problems.

Best wedding planners

We are from Costa Rica, we speak the language, we know all the tricks, and we will use our market connections to find the best prices and make sure you get the best quality and the most professional wedding suppliers in Costa Rica.

Our job is to shop around for you, comparing, testing and reviewing the products ahead to prevent any mishaps in the future.

Recently, Drift Away Ecolodge, mentioned us as a top wedding planner! Thanks a lot! Hopefully very soon, we will celebrate same sex weddings and a historic moment for Costa Rica in your beautiful hotel, that is not only amazing for its location in Avellanas Beach, but for your sustainable vision, by being a hospitaliy example for others!  

We have the best travel agencies support

One of the challenges of a destination wedding is the accommodation and traveling services for you and your guests. You want to make sure that your guests are well taken care of and you don’t need to worry about them!

Receptive Tourism experts will negotiate discounted rates at the hotels and will advise the best adventure activities in Costa Rica, doesn´t matter if you come for your LGBTQ+ wedding or honeymoon, we will put together the best traveling package.

Location, location, location

We believe the most important thing is to find is THE PERFECT LOCATION for your LGBTQ+ destination wedding in Costa Rica. We will recommend various options, taking into consideration budget, size of your party, weather, privacy, distance and everything on your wish list.

We know couples have different preferences, this is why we have selected best beaches for weddings in Costa Rica, mountain views, eco resorts… you name it, our tropical paradise has it all!

Nothing more rewarding than seeing the couples face when they walk into the right site and said; “yes, this is it, we found our Costa Rica wedding location”.

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