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6 tips to help you choose your perfect gay wedding venue in Costa Rica

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

How to choose your gay wedding venue in Costa Rica

You have been dreaming about a romantic wedding in Paradise in Costa RIca but you don’t know where to start, the information that you find on the internet is not clear and communication is very slow , you can barely find photos, and you are becoming frustrated.

Yes, I hear you! and I understand how hard it can be to make the right choice from so far away.

Because I have walked many couples through the task of selecting their dream venue, I would like to share some tips with you!

1) Reach out to a planner from @diverseweddingscr

We are familiar with most of the venues, and we can guide you through the selection process offering our insight, and giving you the kind of information, you need to make an informed decision

I am a Costa Rica wedding planner with more than 10 years’ experience, and I can tell you the pros and cons of each location.

There are many Costa Rican Wedding venues, and the weddings can all look stunning from the pictures, but there are many other things to consider when choosing your wedding venue in Costa Rica such as service, prices versus quality, equipment available, hidden fees and other surprises that as professional and experienced Wedding Planners, we are familiar with.

2) Do tell us

When you describe the perfect wedding venue be specific and pinpoint your

Specific preferences first:

I want a modern ballroom, a private luxury villa, central location, easy access from the airport, gourmet dinner or I want beach, barefoot wedding, sand, lights hanging from the trees, soft colors, outdoors, beach front hotel, a fun town with nightlife, lots of cocktails and good yummy food.

There are many unique wedding venues for gay weddings in Costa Rica and we can help find the perfect one for you.

The wedding style you have in mind is also very important, be it Boho, tropical, whimsical, shabby chic, green eco-friendly, since these themes can influence which specific venue may work best.

3) Let’s talk budget

The most beautiful wedding sites in Costa Rica are not necessarily the most expensive but setting a budget early on is critically important since it will make the process easier and faster.

There are a wide range of wedding venue options to choose from in Costa Rica , your budget should include the venue fee, the food and drinks, what is included and what you need to add to make it perfect .

When you compare locations, make sure you have taken into consideration all the different costs involved.

4) Gay wedding venues in Costa Rica

Sometimes it can be stressful for gay couples to select a location and venue and be sure it is the right one for them, we at @diverseweddings have created this space to make sure couples feel comfortable. We pay special attention to privacy, safety, inclusiveness and fun, we recommend LGBTQ friendly venues in Costa Rica that support the community

5) Think about your guests

Having your loved ones traveling with you to celebrate is a wonderful thing, however you need to make sure the wedding venue you select in Costa Rica matches your guests needs.

A location that offers activities, a variety of restaurants, is easy to get around and offers good accommodation will make them happy and ensure that the overall experience will be a very special one.

Take time to take into consideration what they like, what they are expecting from the trip they are taking to your wedding destination, what the age range is, and what facilities they cannot do without.

Having a very happy, beautiful and successful wedding in Costa Rica is easy, we guarantee you inclusiveness, privacy, safety, style, fair prices amazingness, tons of fun, all you need to do is just bring the love!

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