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David & Alex

I met David in 2009 while we were taking Italian lessons. He always had a smile on his face, was almost finishing med school and very passionate about rugby! The years passed by and we met again in 2019 at a campaign´s launch (Sí Acepto), which I was very surprised to know that David was the main character and that he would be starring tv commercials and billboards (by being just him, as authentic as the first time we met!).

-By Laura Villalobos (Diverse Wedding´s Marketing Manager)

Production Diverse Weddings | Photography Tiquicia Shot | Look Toribio & Donato | Boutonnieres and flowers GoCo by José Julián Gómez | Make-up Yency Chaves Hair | Location Hacienda Montemar

Backstage love

David and Alex met at Mr. Gay World´s casting! Both were participants and as David says “there was a lot of chemistry, lots of interest”! Suddenly they started dating and in just 3 months they were living together…

Any wedding plans?

They have been together for almost a year. There aren´t any wedding plans yet, but both think that after May 26th, they will definitely change the way they think! (hopefully we will eat cake!).

David is an LGBTQ+ activist and as mentioned before, he was part of “Sí Acepto” campaign, an initiative from last year that had the intention of creating awareness on same sex marriage, from a platform of love and family union.

For David and Alex, May 26th will be a memorable day, it means the acknowledgment of a fight lots of people started decades ago and that we all deserve to be equal! This memorable day will be the first step in search for equality and continue standing for their rights.

Thanks David and Alex for being part of a photo shoot full of love in a historic moment for our country.

For more information regarding Costa Rica LGBTQ+ weddings, contact us at or visit our website.  

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