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Destination Avellanas beach, north pacific a surf town with bohemian flair

We love beach weddings in Costa Rica, the sound of the ocean, the breeze, there is something about a beach wedding that makes me smile.

Costa Rica has many wonderful beach locations for weddings, but they are all different and we want to help our LGBTQ couples to make the right choice!

For a Costa Rica barefoot wedding we would like to recommend Avellanas beach, only 20 minutes away from the popular town of Tamarindo and easy access from the Pinilla resort community, this beach is well known for surfers chasing the perfect waves and later around having drinks together at the local bar, simple life is the best!

Reaching Avellanas will require a 4x4 because the road is not in the best condition, but after a few miles of bumpy road you arrive at Paradise, a white sand beach for gay weddings, blue waters and pretty trees with peculiar branches will make the perfect beach location for a romantic wedding.

I recommend this location for a couple looking for an informal gay wedding, dancing, eating and drinking with friends, barefoot and celebrating love and laughter.

The sunset here is absolutely amazing, it happens right in front and last forever, it is perfect for wedding pictures and there are many isolated and romantic spots along the beach for the perfect gay beach wedding in Costa Rica.

I think Avellanas is a great beach for a small wedding, for elopements and for groups no bigger than 30 people.

If the couple is planning a small gathering and a trouble free wedding day, this is the location.

You can stay together at the same hotel and enjoy love, surfing, swimming, and relaxation.

The area offers a few hotels, but our recommendation is Drift away Eco lodge, located a short walk to the beach and tucked in the middle of the jungle, we love their sustainable standards and the effort they make to have a positive impact in the local community and taking care of our environment.

The rooms are lovely and comfortable and the facilities are in perfect harmony with nature. Their pool in the middle is an invitation to unwind.

The Hotel is a great venue for a beach wedding in Costa Rica, you can celebrate a small reception at their restaurant with delicious food, prepared with fresh ingredients.

If you rather celebrate at the little town, there are 2 wonderful beach front venues for LGBTQ weddings; Lolas restaurant and La Purruja restaurant.

Charming lay down venues right at the beach where you not only get the sand in your toes, but will be able to enjoy music, yummy local food, cocktails and cold beers.

You and your guest will dance the night away at your beach wedding in Costa Rica, easy and beautiful, we take care of the details, you just relax and be married.

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