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Destination Highills of Atenas and Naranjo, green wedding venue at the rain forest

A Farmhouse, a river and a view

Costa Rica is green, it is all about nature, eco-friendly venues for your gay wedding in Atenas Rain Forest and views, everywhere you go there are flowers, trees, oversized plants growing free, you will be amazed by the colorful mountains, the breathtaking views and of course peaceful rivers running along the green fields.

On your way to the north side of the country you have many pretty towns to visit, among those are Atenas, Guinness Record Book Holder for the best climate in the world and a favored retirement location, La Fortuna, San Carlos, well known for the Arenal volcano and thrilling adventures and only 1 hour away from the airport is Naranjo, with export quality coffee farms set on hillsides, where the soil is rich and coffee grows at its best.

This is where two dreamers decided to turn one of those coffee farms into a unique wedding venue in Costa Rica.

An Hacienda venue that invites couples to come and dream and be married.

Nestled in a coffee plantation, this venue makes for a great wedding location for a LGBTQ couple where mother nature herself will be the guest of honor!

A white rustic open ballroom with a chic twist, and a great chef will make your dream garden wedding in Costa Rica a reality.

Have your special day outdoors, enjoy a Costa Rican cultural experience with delicious food, beautiful decor and let the love spread happiness, for all nature lovers, this is your place to get married.

This wedding location is very easy to reach from the airport and close to many hotels, making it very convenient for you and your guests.

Best of all, this venue is very inclusive and LGBTQ friendly, offering not only privacy, but happiness in the mountains.

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