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Discover "La Fortuna"

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

The northwest side of Costa Rica is land of farming, rivers, lakes and volcanoes, right in the middle of the country La Fortuna is well known for its famous Arenal Volcano.

This impressive mountain welcomes the tourists from its strategic location and the conic chimney on top is a silent evidence of the volcanic activity that the town witnessed since 1968.

The dormant giant is beautiful and enigmatic, but is only one of many attractions in this costarrican town.


A wide selection of adventure tours awaits for you in La Fortuna, this is the perfect place to enjoy zip line, hiking, waterfalls, river rafting, biking, tubbing, canyoning, horseback riding, ATV guided tours and of course the hot spring waters.

Visitors can have a lot of fun with the many adventures available, for all ages and preferences, but the ultimate joy will be ending the day at the hot pools at one of the many thermals available in town.

Enjoy relaxation and recharge your energy when floating in the hot water, allowing the minerals to detox your body.

For the pampering seekers, there are many first class spas to choose from, where you can experience a massage or a full body wrap with Arenal´s clay.

Being in the middle of the country is a mandatory destination on your way to the beaches, or the cloud forest, taking a few days to admire the rain forest , and the simple life will make you want to stay longer.

Food is good

Local food is another good reason to come to La Fortuna , being a farming area, you find the most delicious grandma´s recipes cook with fresh ingredients. Besides, if you are a meat lover, this is your place! San Carlos is home of the best cattle!


La Fortuna counts with a wide range of hotels, from cool hostels to internationally recognized resorts, they cater for all budgets, but one thing you will find at each of them is warm costarrican.

If you are looking for a destination wedding with an eco-friendly theme and nature is your passion, La Fortuna, will be a great option! With the Arenal Volcano as witness, you can say “yes” among the jungles of the rain forest.

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