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Gay Elope wedding in Guanacaste Costa Rica

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Eloping literally means running away in secret in order to get married, but when you elope to Guanacaste, it has a whole different meaning. Couples choose to elope for many reasons, but the one reason they all agree on is to have a stress free wedding day in Guanacaste (or anywhere else in Costa Rica!) Guanacaste is the perfect place for you and your partner to have a romantic wedding at the beach, the mountains, the waterfalls or watching the sunset from a hillside, you name it and we will find the perfect spot for your LGBTQ elopement.

Why couples are choosing to elope instead of having a big, luxury wedding

With the pandemic, wedding trends have changed, and couples are looking for a safer and easier way to get married. Without any guests, couples can focus on enjoying their time in Costa Rica, since having an intimate ceremony followed by a romantic dinner does not require much planning, time, or investment. You and your partner can make the decision even after arriving in Liberia’s International Airport, all you need is a beautiful location and a wedding planner in Guanacaste (that would be me!!) to arrange the details for you.

Tell us what services you want to include and we will customize the wedding package just for you. Services you would need for your gay elopement to Guanacaste A gay elopement would require a few services and we can recommend the right vendors to you, to start off with you will need an officiator to perform the ceremony and take care of the paperwork. You can also add a photographer and a videographer for your elopement in Guanacaste which will help keep your memories and share them with family and friends back home Some couples like to add cake and champagne, flowers or even live music , it is all totally your choice and will depend on your budget-

LGBTQ friendly wedding locations in Guanacaste

An elopement can be done at any location, usually we like to recommend a gorgeous natural setting. Our customers number one favorite spot to elope to is in front of a waterfall or at the beach at sunset. Many hotels offer gazebos, gardens and cozy corners to celebrate a dreamy ceremony. We can find options for you within your price range.

One of the favorite destinations for gay elopements weddings is Guanacaste, the beaches are gorgeous and gay couples can have a private unforgettable wedding

Gay Guanacaste vacation packages

Most gay couples choose to spend their honeymoon in Guanacaste and then travel to places like Manuel Antonio beach and national park, la Fortuna (San Carlos) with the amazing Arenal Volcano or Monteverde to admire the cloud forest, we recommend at least 1 week to cover the most popular areas of the country.

There are beautiful gay friendly hotels not just in Guanacaste but all over Costa Rica that we can recommend where you would be pampered and enjoy delightful meals, hikes, and nature.

How much is an Elopement package in Costa Rica

The prices for a gay elopement in Guanacaste vary accordingly to your preferences in vendors, but it can start at $950 for the basic package, increasing to $2500 if you want to give yourself some luxury details.

We know all the local vendors for your elopement package and will work to get the best services for the best rates available.

Ready to start planning your gay wedding? Send us a message today to get started! You can reach us by WhatsApp as well.

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