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Hacienda La Chimba: a naturally magical experience

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Located only 25 minutes from San José, this beautiful 179 acre coffee hacienda, combines Costa Rica´s traditions, nature, adventure and a hidden treasure, a contemporary spot called “El Gato”, hidden in Santa Ana´s mountains.

If you and your couple are considering a venue surrounded by nature, Hacienda La Chimba can be the perfect location… Let´s start planning your wedding, we know this location´s best attributes and we will make sure it´s the perfect first day of the rest of your lives.

Picture from Hacienda La Chimba - Verónica González at mantra hand.

Our highlights

Live an educational experience at Hacienda La Chimba, where you will be able to learn about “Café Mi Momento” (also taste it!), from the harvesting to a time travel journey at “La casa de Chepita”, a house decorated the way people used to live many years ago. Even bathrooms are quite different! You will enjoy every single moment here!

On our visit, we were told that they are building a boutique hotel and it will be open for February 2021, so if you´re more into adventure, why not enjoying ziplining, hiking, mountain bike or team building activities.

Try Costa Rica´s cuisine at “La Burra” restaurant where you will be delighted with typical dishes like “gallo pinto” for breakfast, “casado” for lunch and why not enjoying a “sorbetera” ice cream after a 10 Km walk through the trails, where you can take photographs at the famous mantra hand.

El Gato by H. La Chimba

And THIS place! We definitely fell in love with “El Gato ”, a mix of the owner´s furniture collection from all over the world, carefully curated with a house in La Chimba, that used to be the first place where the owners lived… And we will tell you something, this magical place is called “El gato” or the cat, because they met because of a feline! Isn´t this place just perfect for your destination wedding… so full of love, dedication and compromise, perhaps where you want to say “I do”.

Let´s start planning your Costa Rica destination wedding, we still dream of celebrating your love and a historic moment!

Send us an email to for more information about Hacienda La Chimba.

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