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Hotel Grano de Oro: an urban oasis

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

At first glance San Jose seems noisy and messy, but if we take a second look, we will find

magic places like Hotel Grano de Oro, located behind Paseo Colon, between 30th street

and second avenue.

A heaven of peace and wellness, very close to downtown!

This property has more than 35 rooms, with luxurious suites tastefully decorated in

colonial style and all the essential amenities to enjoy.

A Victorian mansion renovated to its original beauty where every room has a cozy


My favorite are the ones with interior gardens, perfect to seat with a cup of coffee or a

glass of wine in completely relaxation.

I would like to mention the classily and balanced decoration within the entire building,

accomplished by the owners, whom has been able to combine soft colors, local art and

valuable antique pieces, all in perfect harmony.

The restaurant is well recognized among the costarrican clientele because of the exquisite

menu , a blend of Mediterranean and French cuisine, with a tropical twist . A celebration of original flavors, prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

The hotel has 2 beautiful halls with capacity for 16 and 30 people. This is where many

love stories has taken place ; from marriage proposals to engagement parties , those

rooms are also available for small weddings.

Gym, terraces, gift shop and massage room, are some of the many complementary

services available at this privileged location.

You can also find comfortable corners to seat and enjoy conversation in many areas of

the hotel.

Whether passing by San Jose or celebrating with your love one, don’t miss the

opportunity to pamper yourself and experience San Jose from a different point of view, all

your senses will thank you!!!

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