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How to get inspiration for writing vows...


In Diverse Weddings Costa Rica we are glad and more than willing to guide you on the INSPIRATION process to discover the vows that will place butterflies in your stomach. Gay wedding vows, straight wedding vows, it doesn’t really matter, try to find a video or listen to wedding vows you are attending soon.

Think about you and your couple’s styles and preferences. Do you want a super romantic wording? Do you want each other draft their own vows and bring them as a surprise? Do you want something more relaxed and funny?

For example, if you choose to have a few meaningful ceremony readings before the vows, then maybe you don’t want your vows to sound like another poem being read. In addition to inspiration from real weddings, check with our specialized staff, we have a wide variety of template for vows and wedding ceremonies that you can build from or just choose one of them.

Remember why you’re getting married

Wedding planning can be incredibly amazing on your relationship, so you might find yourself a little hard pressed for flowery language to describe your couple.

Grabbing a list will help you to think about the happy, funny and sweet times that you’ll want to have top of mind while writing your gay wedding vows. How did you meet each other? Where? What is your favorite music or song? What is the most you love about that special one. Funny moments, hard times you have passed thru and how many future plans together you have.

That way you’ll have some important moments to reference when you do sit down to write your vows.

Nikole Amerling is Diverse Wedding´s Lawyer and Notary Public (center picture).

Meaningful vows

At Diverse Weddings Costa Rica, we will handle and plan all the details for LGBTQ+ couples, so release that job on us and meanwhile, relax and think what you want to say in your vows, put on your editor hat and whittle it down to what you really want to say.

You don’t need to become Shakespeare. Just listen to your heart and write what flows out from it. Then, you can dress up your words with the help of our specialized staff or some of your favorite love quotes, spiritual text quotes, movie lines and any other treasures you keep in your heart.

Take your time and plan your vows ahead

Vows are not something you just write the night before on a napkin. These are important promises you’re making to you and to the most special person in your life and, if you hire a videographer, will be preserved for perpetuity.

We highly recommend you to have a few days to sit with your wedding vows before saying them aloud. At Diverse Weddings Costa Rica

, we will take care of all the details before, during and after the ceremony. We know you will be nervous, you will be so emotional but we will support and back you up so everything will just come out as you always dreamed. All the details will be under control and moreover the special moment of your vows you will be guided by our officiant, Nikole Amerling who has celebrated more than 500 Costa Rica destination wedding ceremonies.  

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