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In uncertain times, we still dream of celebrating your LGBTQ+ wedding...

During Covid-19 times, we have to reinvent our business and partner with vendors that have the same beliefs. We support the local and global!

Today we are very proud to announce that we have obtained the LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification by Equally Wed Pro; after taking the course we have a deeper motivation to support and offer a safe environment to the LGBTQ+ community, we respect and understand their challenges and celebrate along their accomplishments! We will do our best to make more people think the same way!

Also, we are launching a campaign that will give our clients access to discounts (more than $2000) in products and services from our partnered vendors, so our LGBTQ+ clients can still dream of celebrating love in Costa Rica (no deposit needed!!!).

We would like to share with you the following extract (taken from Costa Rica Travel) is written by Eugenia Jurado from Grupo Mawamba.


Quarantine in Costa Rica

The times are tough, our industry is low on incomes and we don’t know when things are back to normal.

But when looking at the big picture we are lucky and blessed for so many reasons...

We are passing the quarantine in this beautiful paradise Costa Rica, where the air is clean, we have sunny and warm mornings and breeze fresh afternoons.

Our farmers keep up on producing deliciuos  fresh fruits and vegetables for us to eat good and stay healty.

Our LGBTQ+ couples are postponing their events, but keep on communicating with the same love and excitement.

We know hotels, travel agencies, restaurants and bars are closing their doors and many people is losing their jobs, but I can see a great deal of support and compassion growing around and I believe we will get by together.

For many years travelers from all over the world have come to enjoy the natural beauties of Costa Rica, and  they will come back, families will laugh watching the monkeys, couples will get married at sunset and we will plan many trips for our guest ...

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination,  especially for LGBTQ+ weddings, we have much to offer all year around!


We Diverse Weddings would like to invite you to visit us during the season we locals  enjoy the most! Let´s celebrate love and a historic moment for Costa Rica!

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