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Legal gay marriage in Costa Rica

May 26 2020 was a remarkable date in Costa Rica: our country made equal marriage legal and LGBTQ community was able to have the same legal rights than any other couple.

Since May last year and in spite of the pandemic, lots of gay couples got married in Costa Rica.

We have specialized on serving the LGBTQ for gay wedding destinations and one of the things we care the most is about our vendors.

We work with friends, people that we know and support the gay community, have an open mind and is respectful.

Legal ceremony for equal marriage in Costa Rica

The role of the officiator is particularly important, from beginning to end.

It would take care of double check all the paperwork to make sure the legal process is going to be done correctly, will perform the ceremony and follow up introducing the papers to the national register and make it fully legal to register at your own country

This person will join the couple in matrimony and will stand in front to read the rights and responsibilities, but also would be talking about what loves and marriage means.

This is why we like to recommend lawyers with empathy, and connection

We found this and more on the Lic. Cintia Aponte from Rac. Legal, she is easy to work with, always a smile on her face and happy to help on anything she can.

If you want a consultation about your wedding ceremony in Guanacaste, Manuel Antonio or anywhere else in Costa Rica, the legal side of it, or any other doubts you have, please contact us and we will share it with her and get back to you with an answer very soon.

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