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LGBTQ civil marriage registration process in Costa Rica

Getting married in Costa Rica is one of the most exotic dreams for couples around the world. LGTBIQ Marriage is legal in Costa Rica with all duties and rights.

The tropical paradise enhances the love and the warm feelings that a couple will share forever.

Process of getting legally marriage in Costa Rica is very simple:

1) Fill up the form with the couple´s and witness personal information

2) Send a copy of the passports

3) If you have been divorced or you are a widow send the paperwork to verify your legal status.

4) Work on the ceremony words with the help of our officiant

5) Choose a breathtaking spot to say I DO with @diverseweddingscr

6) Arrive to Costa Rica and get married in Paradise

  • From the moment the couple, witnesses and lawyer sign together the protocol book on the wedding day, they are officially a married couple according to the Costa Rican law and it should be recognized in the rest of the countries of the world as long as they recognize LGTBIQ marriage as well.

  • For third parties interests the civil marriage has to be dully registered at the Costa Rican Civil Registry.

  • Within a week after the marriage the Attorney must send the documentation to the Civil Registry and it will take 5 weeks to be dully registered.

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