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Love in the time of Coronavirus Covid-19

Just like Gabriel Garcia Marques wrote ¨love grows bigger in calamity¨ and we are learning to value our loved ones, for what they give us every day.

Production Diverse Weddings | Photography Tiquicia Shot | Boutonnieres and flowers GoCo by José Julián Gómez | Couple Mario and Vinicio

Our business is love, we design happy days, picture perfect decorations and we are the invisible hands orchestrating the scenario where magic will happen.

Today, we want to go beyond the lights and beauty of weddings to talk about love, the invisible force that moves us all, even in crazy times.

I have been a wedding planner for more than 15 years and when we decided to adventure with a company specialized on same-sex weddings, we interviewed a group of couples, so that we could be able to understand their needs and preferences. During this process we  learned what is love like when you don´t  have the support from your family and we could understand a complicity on the couple´s eyes when they talked about what they faced in order to be together.

For many years, gay couples have been denied the freedom of expressing their love, and for many of them the path has been quite a challenge. The struggle has made the LGBTQ+ community stronger, they value their right to be together and their priority is to celebrate each other´s happiness and accomplishments.

When the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we will value the possibility to hug and kiss our loved ones, we will laugh louder and will pay more attention to the small things, we will have more compassion, smile to each other and be more patient and understanding.

Our company will celebrate weddings again, when Costa Rica´s travel restrictions are down, but the most important thing will be the lesson this coronavirus Covid-19 is teaching us: lets put love in the first place always. If everything we do in life is moved by love, then it will bring happiness, health, success to us all together.

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