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Meet José Julián Gómez Cordero, the creative mind behind GoCo Design

Probably you are already familiarized with GoCo Design, José Julián Gómez collaborated with Diverse Weddings for a recent photoshoot we had at Hacienda Montemar. Together, we developed a beautiful concept where, GoCo Design produced accessories for the couples, such as boutonnières, flower and eucalyptus tiaras and crystal bouquets.

GoCo Design has been creating for 18 years remarkable projects, from interior design to flower arrangements deliveries. José Julián Gómez, the creative mind behind this firm, says his “passion for spectacular design” is the focus and reflection of every personalized project.

This blog post is a photo gallery of GoCo Design´s most stunning work, where you can see the creative´s passion for design, innovation and style, that comes from art and fashion inspiration.

Since march 2020, the firm transformed due to Covid-19 in Costa Rica, people spend more time at home, so their emphasis was on solving client´s needs, from finding comfort and style to the new normal, “wfh” or work from home, to interior design and decoration with beautiful flower arrangements, that add color and distinctive look to the most intimate places inside a house.

For more information, contact GoCoDesign at

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