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Meet Maciej Bogusz, the photographer behind Papaya Wedding

Diverse Weddings had the opportunity to share with Maciej Bogusz, a polish photographer based in Costa Rica and we must say that it´s impressive how he captures the couple´s essence! Behind the scenes, Maciej is completely dedicated and connected with the couple and when you get to see the final shot, it´s like living the moment once again!

We got to know more in-depth, Papaya Wedding´s photographer: how he moved from Poland to Costa Rica, the way he has managed to transform his business from destination weddings to other areas during Covid-19 times, as well as his recommendations for LGBTQ+ couples interested in getting married in Costa Rica.

Papaya Wedding - Maciej Bogusz

DW: How long have you been living in Costa Rica and how´s been your experience as a photographer specialized in destination weddings?

MB: I moved to Costa Rica from Poland in the end of 2016 and this is where my adventure with wedding photography really began. In Poland, many years ago, I studied photography, but I chose a different career path. The moment came and I decided to make a big change in my life, so I moved to Costa Rica, where I was on vacation a few times and I wanted to start doing what I love, photography. I am specialized in destination weddings and this is where I find my best! I love when people are relaxed (of course full of emotions), but not too worried about anything. I prefer outdoor ceremonies, on the beach, with a waterfall or a beautiful tree on the background.

DW: Do you know how many weddings you have photographed? 

MB: In my first year, I only photographed a few weddings, however, I quickly gained the trust of my clients, people with whom I cooperate, wedding planners and of course I gained a lot of experience. Now I try to photograph a maximum of 35-40 weddings a year so that I can still provide couples the highest quality of my work. Thanks to this, I can quickly deliver photos, taking care of every detail personally!

DW: How have you managed to run your business during Covid-19 times?

MB: This year has brought many changes for everyone. The last photo shoot I made, was in March, just before the borders were closed. Great couple, engagement session with a beautiful waterfall in the background, hopefully they will get married soon in Costa Rica. Most of the couples who were planning to get married this year in Costa Rica have, fortunately, decided to change the date, most of them for 2021. There were also those who decided to cancel the wedding and get married in the place where they live. However, some of them are planning a symbolic wedding in Costa Rica as soon as possible. The situation also meant that I receive many inquiries for further dates and I have many bookings for 2021 and 2022.

Papaya Wedding - Maciej Bogusz

DW: Define your photography style in 5 words

MB: Documentary, magical, photojournalistic, storytelling and romantic. 

DW: What moment do you enjoy the most in weddings?

MB: The whole wedding day from start to finish, is full of emotions and that's what I love. I am thankful to witness these moments. Two loving persons, surrounded by the closest family and friends. And if I had to choose, it would be the moment after the ceremony, when I'm alone with the couple and we can create creative portraits.

DW: What´s the best time of the year day hours to get the perfect shot?

MB: I love that every season is unique in Costa Rica! Regardless of weather, if it´s dry or rainy season, we can always create beautiful photos. So I have no preferences here. When it comes to time, the early morning or afternoon hours are definitely the best. This is when we can get the best light. The specific hours will also depend on the season and location, and in the case of beach weddings/photo shoots whether it will be high or low tide (some beaches simply disappear when we have a high tide). Some waterfalls are located in the middle of a forest where it gets dark faster. It is important for the photographer to be able to advise what time will be the best depending on the location and season.

DW: Have you ever had any special or adventurous requirements for a wedding?

MB: I am still waiting for a couple who wants to do something totally crazy. There were horse riding sessions, also when a couple ran into the ocean... I would like to do some sessions somewhere on the top of the mountain with a couple for whom a full-day hiking trip is not an obstacle. I have had a few couples who had the crazy idea of jumping off a cliff or waterfall in a wedding dress, but I will always advise against this type of crazy idea. Spontaneous, crazy ideas are great, but you also need to be reasonable, a wedding dress can very easily drown the bride when it gets wet. So, if you want to do something crazy, think about it and let's plan a thoroughly safe session!

"I do not know another place as beautiful as Costa Rica. The diversity of nature means that everyone will find their beloved place" - Maciej Bogusz

Papaya Wedding - Maciej Bogusz

DW: You do mostly destination weddings, how would you convince a foreigner LGBTQ+ couple to choose Costa Rica for their wedding celebration?   

MB: I do not know another place as beautiful as Costa Rica. The diversity of nature means that everyone will find their beloved place. We have beautiful, wild beaches, spectacular waterfalls, volcanoes and forests. It is this wildness, intact nature makes everyone want to come back here, and many people decide to relocate. Another argument is that we have a huge amount of wedding venues and wedding vendors who are very experienced and have a professional approach to their work. Also, here you will find countless attractions for your entire stay and for your guests, like ziplining, waterfalls, horseback riding, volcanoes, hanging bridges, amazing beaches, catamarans, whale watching, fishing ... these are just some of the options.

DW: Tell us about your top 5 destinations in Costa Rica for the most spectacular wedding photoshoots

  1. Llanos De Cortés: a beautiful waterfall in the middle of the forest with easy access

  2. La Fortuna: many wedding venues overlooking the spectacular Arenal Volcano, here you will also find a beautiful waterfall

  3. Manuel Antonio: a perfect place, especially for those who are looking for private villas to organize intimate weddings that will accommodate the closest family and friends. Beautiful beach and also access to the national park

  4. Guanacaste: it's hard to say in short, each place here is unique. Huge resorts, private villas, intimate boutique hotels, beautiful beaches. Everyone will find something for themselves here

  5. Caribbean coast: less developed and less tourists. The beaches are beautiful, it´s a paradise for surfers and for those who love snorkeling and scuba diving. Here you will also find beautiful national parks

Papaya Wedding - Maciej Bogusz (Dreams Las Mareas Hotel in Guanacaste)

DW: Every wedding is different, but what is your goal in each one of them?

MB: My goal is to make each couple able to look at the pictures one day and remember how wonderful their wedding day was. I try to make each couple feel at ease with me, as well as being invisible and at the same time capture the most important moments!

DW: Besides wedding photography, what else are you interested in capturing? 

MB: In addition to wedding photography, as a separate company, we photograph real estate, holiday rentals, hotels. And as a hobby I love street photography and landscapes and traveling around the world.

Thanks Maciej for sharing your experience as a Polish destination wedding photographer in Costa Rica!

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