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Meet Mario Quevedo from Bo Bar Mixology

It´s Friday and let´s celebrate, because starting November, tourists from all over the world can travel to Costa Rica! Let´s start planning your LGBTQ+ destination wedding for 2021, paradise is waiting for you and your couple…

We hope you enjoy reading this blog post as much as we did when we talked to Mario Quevedo from Bo Bar Mixology, one of our vendors who will cater all of the fun at your event with the most amazing cocktails.

Tell us about you and your business, how did you started and how long have you been with BoBar Mixology?

We started 3 years ago, it was our wedding and we wanted to create the best gin bar ever, we did so good, that our guests wanted to have the same thing for their events.

What do you enjoy the most in the process as a mixologist?

My profession is not a mixologist, I am a food & beverage manager with studies from hotel management and business and also with Sommelier courses, but what I can say is that I lover COCKTAILS and all started with gin & tonics. With that being said what I love the most is to have some really nice and well done cocktails for my guests, so I basically love to create with all types of fruits, refreshing cocktails and something completely different than what you can find on the market.

How have you managed to run your business during Covid-19 times?

We created virtual workshops, in which, we send kits to the customers with all the ingredients to prepare 4 type of cocktails and teach them via ZOOM on Saturday night how to create them one by one. It has been something different, obviously it is a different bond than having the customer face to face and really get to satisfy them fully with every single cocktail, but the response from the customers that have joinig our workshops is a 100% satisfy.

Define your mixology style in 5 words


Tropical Fruits




Tell us what´s your favorite drink by Bo Bar Mixology

MOJITICO; it´s made with Costa Rican liquor called GUARO CACIQUE, national tangerine, national limes, salt and our secret ingredient that makes this the best and most refreshing mojito you¨ll ever drink.

How about the best drink you have ever had?

Tricky question, it all depends on the mood, daytime and company I have had to tell you my best cocktails, a nice michelada- beer at the Costa Rican beaches is definitely one my tops, a nice bottle of wine in the Tuscany and napa valley with my wife, and last year at the BCB berlin I had one of the best negroni I have ever had.

What drink or cocktail inspired in Costa Rica´s flavors, would you recommend an LGBTQ+ couple to have on their wedding?

We import tonic waters and they all have different fruit infusions which make them to have different colors, therefore all of our cocktails are pretty special, I would love to have a cocktail tasting for their events and let them decide which cocktails they would want to have.

Mention your top 5 drinks for an LGBTQ+ wedding at the beach

Tiki mules

Aperol Cocktails

Bubbly cocktails

Mojito Bar

Gin & tonics

Finally, Mario tells us "at Bo Bar Mixology, we exist to serve our customer, if we don´t have it… does not exist!" Thanks for sharing with us! Cheers...

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