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Same sex wedding etiquette

As you know, same sex weddings are now legal in Costa Rica and many couples are already planning their LGBTQ wedding in Paradise.

We at diverse weddings Costa Rica are happy to be part of many of those celebrations and during the process of planning have encountered the same doubts about what to do and what no to do...

For this reason, today, we are sharing our insights on etiquette and protocol for LGBTQ weddings...

The first thing couples should have in mind is very simple and powerful, is their wedding, their day and they can do what they please, the way they like it !! Talk ahead and decide how do you want things to happen, if you have doubts, we are here to do recommendations and suggestions, but #1 rule your wishes come first.

Wedding Attire

Like in any wedding, you should wear the style that suits your personalities, I believe outfits’ should be selected to complement each other outfits not to coordinate .

For girls wedding dresses are very personal, and everything goes, from modern to vintage to classic pants suit.

Boys can choose a color palette in synchrony with the wedding decor, and the personal touch can be added by ties, shoes, boutonnieres, hats, make it all about yourself.

Take into consideration the location, the weather, and the character you want to create for your wedding day.

Dresses or suits should talk loud of the ambiance you want to create for the day, not matter If you are having a bare foot beach wedding or a formal ball room affair.

The vendors

When you hire Diverse Weddings CR, we make sure all your vendors know is a same sex wedding and there will be not mistakes.

We eliminate the comments, the questions and the people we hire are open mind and support gay marriage in Costa Rica .

We have found a very friendly environment in Costa Rica, and we can assure you, people will treat you with respect and love.

The traditions

There are not right or wrong way in weddings anymore, most of the couples are reinventing the rulebook and do things their way, which is something I personally love and encourage.

Walk the aisle together, with your grandma, meet each other in the middle...

Exchange garlands instead of rings, recite your personal vows to each other and serve mini gourmet food instead of seat down dinner.

Having a destination wedding in Costa Rica will allow you more flexibility on doing things your on way.

The ones that will come all the way from home will be here to support you and be happy for you.

Embrace the culture and beauty of Paradise in Costa Rica, to celebrate in the way you dream it .

The Pura Vida vibe of Costa Rica will set the mood of the whole experience, the wedding will be about enjoying your way, and not so much about fulfilling other´s expectations.

Some couple´s have even decided to start their own rituals at the wedding day. Bring a symbol of your love, your faith, your believes and let your guest see both of you in every aspect of the day.

Is not about genders

One of the most common questions is about how people should address the newlyweds and this may be discussed ahead, let the guest know what you prefer.

Choose what you feel comfortable with, partner, spouse, bride, groom, wife, husband, your choice!!

There are new ways and words that can be used now, but the most important thing is for both of you to feel comfortable with the terms the officiator, the MC, and the Dj will use.

We take special attention to those details when we design the protocol of the wedding, even for very informal weddings, this will make your wedding day go smooth, natural and pure perfection.

Part of our job has same sex planners is help you with defining all those little details.

Wedding Party

Yes, you need your dearest people right next to you, but let´s get free and creative here, if you have boys and girls at both sides, not necessarily would have to be the best man and maid of honor, new terms like best girl , Man of honor, our best friends work great.

My advice is to choose your support group because you love them and means a lot to have them right at the altar with you.

Same sex weddings in Costa Rica can definitely throw the book away and make it their own, anything goes, we see couples during the planning process having a lot of fun together when working on many aspects of the wedding day , so the outcome is beautiful and memorable, talk with your wedding planner ahead to have a wonderful charming wedding day were everyone feels included and merry!

Love , Sylvia!

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