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Welcome Diversity!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

My name is  Sylvia Chaves,  I am from Costa Rica and I have more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, and 12 as a Destination wedding planner. 

I am a proud mother of a beautiful 21 years old girl and hapily married with my handsome British husband, that I met when I was backpaking through Europe.

I love traveling and for this reason, I convinced my husband of selling our bussines and travel the world. In spite of being a very bold decision , we dont regret a bit of it, becuase it has been a journey fullfilled with wonderful live experiences  that brought us together has a family and a couple and we are very grateful for it .

I am in love with life and had learned that simple things are the most wonderful ones!

Champagne at sunset at the beach and taking a nap  under a big tree are my favorite leissure activities.

I believe we dont need to run to get there, walking in barefeet conects us with mother nature and we should put our heart in everything we do!

Recently my pasion for weddings brought me back to Costa Rica, this time to dabble into a market that takes all my atention and dedication because they have earned their place into  modern society with dificulty and I think they deserve to celebrate their love for each other in a very friendly and safe enviroment .

I am thrilled to have an oportunity to invest all my knowledge and experience to create love stories for the LGBT comunity acording to their specific needs.

Enthusiastic of order and organization , during the 3 years I was not planning weddings my agenda and notebooks got filled with travelling plans, menus , daily schedules and of course, I ended up organizing the live of my husband and daugther, or I should better say... trying to!

But today, this new oportunity fullfills my heart with joy just by thinking of being part of the life of those couples during the process of planning their dreamed wedding fully legal, which is something that this group has been awaiting for long time.

I strongly believe in LGBT equality, but also I know each of us has a diferent perspective of what we want , and I am here to listen and fullfill all the expectations my clients may have!

With love,


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