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Wedding Location, Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Gay weddings in Costa Rica are very popular after same sex marriage were declared legal. One of the favorite areas for gay couples is the Peninsula de Nicoya.

Reaching the Peninsula may seem a little challenging but once you get there, you will agree it was all worth it!

First you need to get to the town of Puntarenas, only 1 hour away from the airport, from here, you take a Ferry that runs 3 or 4 times a day, depending on the season. Tickets have to be purchase online because they have reduced capacity due to the pandemic.

I strongly recommend you to rent a car to visit this area, because it is the only way to get around and see it all, unless you hire a private driver with a minivan, but it will be more expensive.

Montezuma, the hippie town.

The drive from the Ferry terminal to Montezuma is about 1 hour and you will be introduced to the most hippie beach town in Costa Rica.

Calm and warm waters awaits you, jungle, monkeys and long isolated beaches will be the perfect location for a LGBTQ wedding in Costa Rica.

The town is small but with a lovely vibe, a hand full of local restaurants with yummy food, dreadlocked people walking around happily, noisy beads, and colorful shops all over.

This is the perfect wedding location for an easy going couple wanting to unleash their bohemian heart. Plenty of isolated beach spots for the ceremony and lots of great tropical hotels for a fun reception.

One place you can’t miss is the Sano Banano, a vibrant hotel and restaurant right in town, with very accessible prices and cool services.

There are many more options for accommodation here, but the one we like to recommend is Aves Hotel, because it is a wonderful beach wedding venue in Montezuma.

This property is located about 1, 5 kilometers away from the town.

It offers rooms with kitchenet, a huge modern restaurant with minimum decoration, the perfect canvas for a beautiful wedding reception in Costa Rica. It also has a huge house at the top of the property, perfect for a group staying together.

Santa Teresa, the rich and famous favorite.

About 2 hours drive from the town of Paquera, where the Ferry docks.

This corner of Costa Rica is well known for being the hidden spot of famous stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen, Miley Cirus and many, many more….

The beach is long and perfect to spend the day sipping cocktails and watching the surfers.

Because of the A list of visitors, Santa Teresa is home of many restaurants with mouthwatering menus and well recognized international chefs are also here making delicious food for wedding receptions.

The town offers a big range of beach front hotels for weddings, from laidback bungalows to fancy boutique hotels, but their common feature is a good-looking beach front garden with lounge chairs, giant umbrellas, bar, cocktails and food, a great option for your destination wedding at the beach in Santa Teresa.

One of my favorite wedding venues is the hotel Tropico Latino, a very beautiful location, great service, good food, and comfortable rooms.

Another way to go is renting one of the gorgeous villas available in the area, including all the facilities you need for an epic wedding day at the beach of Santa Teresa.

Weddings at Santa Teresa are for nature lovers, foodies, and good life fans. Yoga, surf, vegan food, jungle hikes, are among the top attractions of Santa Teresa.

Mal Pais, the quiet sister

At the other side of town from the intersection, with less development and rocky beaches, this town is more idyllic, less tourist, and I definitely like it more for beach ceremonies, because it is picturesque.

The local fishing town is located at the further end and you can buy delicious fresh fish there every day.

There are a few hotels available from basic to lavish jungle small resorts.

Here you can also find nice houses for rent to have your LGBTQ beach wedding in Mal Pais.

Either way, if you choose Peninsula de Nicoya to have your wedding destination in Costa Rica, there are a few recommendations I would like to give you.

  1. Hire a planner, the coordination of vendors and services at this wild side of Costa Rica may be challenging, and you definitely need someone with experience to get the right vendors, the right prices and make the magic happen. We at @diverseweddingscr have the experience to turn beach jungle into the most amazing wedding venue.

  2. Being a bit hard to reach makes things more expensive, expect to pay a bit more to have your dream wedding in Paradise

  3. Gay couples, diverse couples, any type of couples are welcome here, an area of Costa Rica with a very open mind, easy going, beautiful energy and most important, weddings at the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica are going to be an extravaganza.

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