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What a wedding coordinator does for your gay destination wedding at Guanacaste

Not doubt you need a wedding coordinator for your LGBTQ destination wedding in Guanacaste, and hiring the right one is fundamental. Here are 10 reasons why hiring @diverseweddingscr is the right choice.

1) Filters all the information available

Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming. it can be hard to find the right information or even worse be overloaded with bad information!, either way, we will reduce your workload by presenting you with our recommendations and our knowledge and insight of venues and vendorsfor weddings at the beaches of Guanacaste.

2) Points out the pros and cons of your destination wedding in Guanacaste

Your wedding planner should always be honest with you, providing you with a frank assessment of the pros and cons of each venue or theme. in doing so, you will then be able to select the best options and ensure that it is a successful event at the beaches of Guanacaste.

Things like; "the weather is not going to get better" or "100 butterflies are out of your budget" or "calla lilies won’t last in the sun" are things we will help you understand and be ok with it.

3) Makes sure you enjoy every minute of your wedding day

Having a coordinator working hand in hand with you will accomplish every single thing you want without creating stress.

You will sit back and enjoy knowing that the whole process from beginning to end, is in the hands of an expert.

4) Is always a step ahead

Your wedding planner will foresee any problems that may arise during the day and take care of it.

We know how to foresee and prevent most of the situations and we can plan solutions ahead, but our secret powers lie in being able to fix any unexpected issue in a creative and efficient way.

5) Avoid stressful situations

Opinions, families, decisions, budgets, commitment, and love are part of planning adestination wedding in Guanacaste and these things create a level of stress, allow your wedding planner to listen and advise you when you need it the most, we have seen lots of situations and will be able to guide you.

6) Is committed to the couple

As a coordinator, we are very partial and we are committed to pleasing our couples above and beyond anyone else, we can deal with what other people have to say, but at the end of the day is all about you two.

7) Makes your dreams come true

This is real, you have your entire wedding designed in your head and heart and it takes an expert to convert those ideas into reality, exceeding your dreams for a great beach wedding at the beach.

8) Reassures respect and love

A same sex wedding in Costa Rica should be a smooth event, and this is where we make sure we will accomplish this, we don’t want any added tension from gender mix ups.

We will make sure everything happens within the respect and love you deserve.

9) Is your unconditional ally

When you hire us our goal is to become part of your fairy tale, we will be your best friend, your confidante, and your partners in crime.

10) Is always there for you

Every wedding is a love story and through the process we get to know yours.

Months of planning, meetings, and working together makes us part of that story and when the couple walks down the aisle, we feel very proud too.

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